Saturday, February 12, 2011

Who's up for an Adventure?!

I am! I think...I'm really finding that Satan is trying to dampen my spirits! I leave in 6 days for Haiti. This trip is going to be quite different than the last. (Earthquake excluded this time, I hope :) ) It is a medical trip again, but that's where the similarities end. We are going to a different place this time. We are joining up with some folks for the Hope for LaGonave mission. We will fly into Port Au Prince, then take a ferry over to an island in the bay. That island is called LaGonave. On the island, which is very mountainous, there are 4 churches scattered around. Each church also has a school. One of the main points of this mission is to educate the children. They also receive food and medical care while at the school.

Our team will go around to the different church/schools and give medical care to the children. We will hand out vitamins and other medicines as needed. These children are sponsored through families and individuals who donate $30 a month. Think about how much you spend each day, gas, food, heat, water, electricity, comfort! For $30 a month, these kids receive a Christian education, nutrition, medical care. That difference between them and us, staggers my mind.

Our family has taken on a child to sponsor. We picked Climando because he belongs to a family a lot like ours. He has a mom and a dad, two brothers, and a sister. So their family makeup is the same as ours...only that's where the similarities end. They live in a one room house with dirt on the floor. His parents work in the fields. They have to walk to fresh water. I am so excited to hopefully meet Climando and his family while I'm there. It will be amazing to put a real person with the name and picture we have. I will be sure to take pictures, as well. I understand he loves soccer, we can relate to that! I pray we can also share our love of Christ!

Well, I'm working on packing, I have my battery-operated fan packed! Please pray that all the details will continue to fall into place. Please pray for Andrew and the kids while I am away. I am so grateful for our friends, family, and church family who have donated $, time, and prayers to make this possible!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

Danielle <><

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