Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Spring 2011

Well, let me start off by saying that I know it's been forever since I posted...we've been busy! ;)

Spring in Savannah is usually really short, but this year, God has graced us with some respite days before the HEAT descends. Don't get me wrong, we've had some 90 degree days, but we've also had some unseasonable 70 degree days...it's nice!

We started the Spring with a little trip I like to call our Northern Journey! Who goes North for Spring Break? Apparently the Gibsons do! We spent two weeks touring the East Coast, visiting friends and family. We started by driving up to VA to visit with my cousin David and his wife Julie. Their three kids were such awesome companions to ours, that we momentarily considered moving to Hawaii with them!! ;) We did come to the realization that eventually they would start acting like siblings and bicker bicker bicker! But it was a glorious 4 days of sweet sweet time with family!

We then took the scenic Cheasapeake Bay route up to CT to surprise my mother for her birthday! We really did surprise her, which was so fun. I really thought that we (and not just those under the age of 13) would give it away, but we didn't. The trip was planned months ahead, so it was a bit tricky to keep the secret. It was so nice to see family and friends we hadn't seen in a long time. The weather, I might add, was less than spring-like, that's for sure! We were in winter clothes the whole time in VA and CT! In fact, we even had snow one morning, which the kids totally enjoyed playing in! It was just enough to make snowballs and snowangels, but not too much for our Southern wardrobes!!

We left CT and travelled down to NJ to visit Andrew's cousin, Cynthia, her husband Brian, and their three kids. The kids had never met, but got along famously from the get-go. It was so fun to see them all play together. We also got to see the house Andrew grew up in, and visit a great twin light house. (The name of which is escaping me at this moment...) There was a great view from the lighthouse, of New York City, a bit foggy, but we could see the skyline at least.

We headed home, with a short stop in SC to visit some "old" friends from Charleston. It was such a sweet time of fellowship. It's amazing to me how some friendships remain so strong and precious though we are separated by so much time and distance. Oh yes, and it was a beautiful, sunny 80 degrees in SC!! Thank goodness, we were finally able to warm up! The night before we left for Savannah, there was a thunderstorm with large hail stones. So we really got a wide range of weather patterns on this journey.

Travelling is always fun, nice to get away and relax a little, but we really did miss home. It's so great to be back...gnats, pollen, and all!

In Christ,
Danielle <><

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  1. I too love traveling. What a joy that your journey was peppered with loved ones.