Saturday, August 25, 2012

New Beginnings

It has been over a year since I posted. :( And what a year it's been! I actually have 3 drafts that never made it to posting...not sure exactly why.

I could take pages and pages to catch you up, but I don't think you care about the details. The bottom line is, God is good! He has taught us much about faith, faith, and more faith! Through each trial of the past year, we have come out believing more and knowing more, the deep deep love of Jesus!

I want to write a blog, but I seem to have trouble knowing where to start each post. So today I will talk just about where we are. We have started our homeschool year, with all it's usual bumps and bruises. Why, after about 8yrs of homeschooling, the children still grumble and moan about school, I do not know...but alas, they do. I am starting a new job in a couple of weeks, my schedule will change, so we are a bit anxious about how that will affect school, activities, etc. I find myself getting a tight stomach about how it will all work out. Someone reminded me today that God truly does work things out every time. And that He works it all out for our good, and His glory! So why do I worry?! I don't know!!

I'm looking forward to my new job...I'll be returning to Neonatal, my first love in nursing. I have been away (raising my own babies) for 10 years! So I will be the new/old nurse in the unit! I'm so excited to love and care for those tiny miracles again, and I'm a little nervous about the new venture. I'm leaning on the Lord, though, knowing that He goes before me, preparing me for those I will encounter, as I care for the tiniest of His children.

We are planning for the start of a new BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) year. This year we are studying Genesis! It means "beginning". How appropriate, as this season in our family is the beginning of new things. My dear husband has started a new job, and I will as well. The kids start a new school year. I am grateful to God for his faithfulness and grace through this past year of trials. I look to Him for the blessings of this next chapter.

May we all feel God's presence wherever we are, and may we feel Him calling us to Himself.

Living by God's grace,


  1. I am sitting here poolside under the warm California sun, and I cannot help but smile when I read your post. I am so happy that both you and Andrew have new jobs to look forward to -- congratulations to you both! I hope you have a wonderfully successful year with the kids in school. I have to tell you that I admire you greatly, Danielle. The faith that you have in God is enviable. I wish I could share the same strong feelings that you have, to feel God's presence wherever you might be. For whatever reason, I have not been able to connect with God on that same level lately. Whether is due to sadness, frustration, anger, or unanswered prayers, I am not able to connect with him on a level I so deeply desire, which of course leads to more sadness, frustration, and anger. I am hoping by reading your messages that I am able to feel those connections again. I miss you terribly and I love you tremendously.

    1. I miss you too, dear friend. I am living vicariously through all your traveling! It is true, though, that traveling all over will not help us find God. You need not leave home, He is with you ALWAYS. A great way to get closer to God, to get to know Him better is to read His word. I have found that reading the Bible connects me with God the way nothing else can. Also, daily time talking with Him. This can be daunting, it is hard to know what to say. But know that God knows your heart, so He doesn't need fancy words or techniques, all He wants is your heart.
      God is with you, dear friend, and so are my prayers.
      Love in Christ, Danielle