Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dinner for 6, without the stress!!

Happy Thursday! So my sister, Pierrette, helped me refocus my thoughts, and I thought I would let you know how the Once-a-Month cooking has panned out. (Pun intended! :))

It has been two weeks and I haven't had to worry about, shop for, or slave in the kitchen for dinner at all! And the food has been great! We've had Mexican Chicken Lasagna, Poppy Turkey, Playoff Burgers, Sopa de Maiz, French Stuffed Potatoes, and for tonight, Farmer's Casserole. The reason we have made 6 meals last 2 weeks is because of leftovers, and church dinners. We typically have dinner at church on Wednesdays and Sundays. You can't beat great fellowship and $8 for the whole family to eat! I also heated Denise's Black Beans last night and brought it to movie night with the youth group. Now I have a lot of leftover beans and rice, and this family isn't going to eat it...guess what I'm having for lunch for awhile? So I guess that means we have actually used 7 of the 15 meals in 2 weeks. (I'm still pretty excited about that!) All these are recipes from a cookbook a friend gave me called Once A Month cooking. There is a lot of variety, while using similar ingredients, to keep shopping easy and costs low.

I've loved all of the recipes so far, family has liked them too, maybe one or two customers giving a thumbs down here and there. But in a family of 6, that is inevitable! Sopa de Maiz has probably been my favorite so far. It was even better than I thought it would be. Very easy, fresh and light. It has a mexican flavor, but not too spicy at all, just flavorful. It almost tastes like chicken taco salad without the lettuce. If you would like any of the recipes, let me know. I highly recommend buying the book, it is way worth the investment if this is something you think you'd like to try at your house.

Tonight we had Farmer's Casserole with fruit salad (cut clementines, apples and grapes, with honey and cinnamon). I just love breakfast for dinner! This dish was liked by ALL of us, even the pickiest! It would also be great for a brunch. Just a side note...I found a cool recipe for candied orange peels in a Colonial Kids book we have. So we kept the clementine peels and they are soaking in water as we speak. Tomorrow, we will make a new treat!

Tomorrow I have to work at 5, so the cooking will be up to Andrew. Though he loves to cook, after a long day at work, coming home and cooking for hungry kids is not the ideal situation. So it is great that I can just take a dish out of the freezer, and it will just need to be heated up!

Well, I will bid you good evening!

God bless,
Danielle <><

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