Monday, January 10, 2011

Surviving this Crazy Life!

Well, it's been a very hectic weekend at the Gibsons! Well, for me mostly, I had a lot on my to-do had a relaxing weekend, I think! I might talk more about the weekend later in the week, but I just wanted to give you a little taste of what's to come!

A few years ago, I heard about Once-a-Month cooking. At first, I though there was no way I could ever set aside an entire day to make a month's worth of meals. However, the idea of having all our dinners already cooked and planned out sounded like heaven on earth to me! So I have done it maybe a total of 3 times over the last few years. It is a glorious thing to have it all done, know your freezer is full, and not have to think, "what am I going to make for dinner?" The catch is, it takes a good bit of planning ahead, and a great deal of labor in the kitchen all at once.

(So, in the above paragraph, I see at least 3 possible topics for future posts...stay tuned!)

It is now 1am and I have to get up in 6 hours to go running/, I will tell you that over the last 3 days, I have put away 9 dinners for the next few weeks! I am so excited! I am feeling a little bit like the Proverbs 31 woman right now!!

Off to hit the sack I go, I'll tell you about tonight's dinner later, and maybe let you know what I did this weekend!

Nighty night!

Danielle <><

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